Georgina Canifrú – Ensayos de distancia

Georgina Canifrú – Ensayos de distancia

Georgina Canifrú

“Ensayos de distancia”

With the purpose of perceiving the spatial/sonic distance through drifts/displacements between rehearsal rooms of music schools in the metropolitan region of Chile, and the rehearsal rooms of Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina, this auditory register transports us to realities that today are no longer familiar. In this way, when going through the seven tracks we can connect with situations, sounds and spaces that evoke a human activity that as a consequence of the pandemic have become distanced themselves, the rehearsal.

During the development of the project and Micro-File Memory of the Project ESSAY ROOM n ° 2: Distance in piano and double bass developed at the IMUC (2012) with the tutorship of Luis Prato, Georgina manages to capture/record those moments of proximity/distance where the music that is still prepared with dedication before entering the scene lives. Just as the map has been the main instrument of communication of the cartographer, or of he/she or those who have drawn it, over the most diverse foundations and with varied techniques and purposes; Georgina manages in each work of this album to present a concrete manifestation of a geographical reality, situating us in those places and achieving sonic displacement.

In each listening we can go through corridors, stairs, sounds of instruments, voices, steps that fill our memories with emotion and a little nostalgia, transporting us to that instance, to those stories, that provoke us to converse in order to relive those moments of camaraderie. Each melody heard in the records allows us to connect with what we already know about music, to distinguish between one subject and another, to recognize who wrote it or what period it belongs to, these are exercises that are undoubtedly triggered by this work of Georgina, who with her decision to activate her own listening today re-activates us and invites us to feel that this waiting for physical distance has an end.

At present, distance has been assumed as a necessary action to protect the human well-being that is health. Distance has also been synonymous with respect, distrust, introspection, tours and displacements, actions that are applied in accordance with the circumstances and contexts. It was unthinkable to believe that today those spaces that the album evokes for us, an album that deserves to be listened to in a state of contemplation and intimacy, an album that invites us to reflect.

Distance, memory and longing, concepts that emanate from the origin of this album, located in diverse realities with connected situations, the rehearsal. Space for introspection, coordination, learning and communication, a space where poetry lives, the intangible heritage of that which is ephemeral in its temporal chronology but which leaves its mark on the sonic imaginary, making the reunion with these urban landscapes audible and possible.

Valeria Valle
Compositora / Composer
(Santiago, Chile. Octubre / October 2020)

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