Soul Heater & Humanfobia – Goth Mixes

Soul Heater & Humanfobia – Goth Mixes

Soul Heater & Humanfobia

“Goth Mixes”

This album is a compilation of humanfobia tracks mixed with the original music of Soul Heater project. The Main title belongs to the Humanfobia original track, and the titles between parentheses are the names of the original tracks by Soul Heater located in his soundcloud page.

All music by Soul Heater
remixed, additional effects, artwork design by Sábila Orbe.
vocals in all tracks, cover model: Mist Spectra, except in track 6 (vocals by Sábila Orbe)

Soul Heater is a music project from Rome, Italy, created by Dario Bazzichetto. link:

Humanfobia is a dark experimental duo from Rancagua, Chile.
Members: Mist Spectra (female vocals, visual support) & Sábila Orbe (sound programming, mixer, male vocals)

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