Audiosmogg – Home Office Ambience

Audiosmogg – Home Office Ambience


“Home Office Ambience”

Home Office Ambience

“When almost every other aspect of human society is suppressed, production must continue. The boundary between private and work life is sometimes non-existent and the dream is fulfilled. Every lockdown consists of moments of despair, hope and obligatory cover songs. It is what it is.”

Recording, mix, most of the sounds and cover photo by Márty.
Track 2 contains various samples from covid-era documents and news and intro from the 1968 WKBW Adaptation of “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles.
Mastered by Daremes.
Recorded with significant pauses between spring and autumn 2020 at home, office and very few outdoor locations.

Be positive and stay negative.
released November 24, 2020

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