Studio 112 – Regarde… comme ils tombent

Studio 112 – Regarde… comme ils tombent

Studio 112

“Regarde… comme ils tombent”

The necrophile hummingbird presents the third issue of Studio112 staggering “Radioactive Trilogy”.
Welcome to the depths of sound science experiments. Sometimes we would like to be able to glide into a parallel universe, music could be this place, to escape this universe where all the living are stabbed to death by industries, all victims of the capitalism’s insanity. And especially the humans killed by industrial junk food, air pollution, the consequences of the climate crisis and others horror. It is the slow genocide of our loves, of our friends, of our children. Will we let this system destroy life on earth any longer? Adjust sunglasses and cry, or struggle to end this race for false promises, there is no happiness in consumerism!

Studio112 is the main project of Alain Grille also electric guitarist and musicmaker in rADio eNd / Multiple Personality 3 / PIRATE Tapes / EVA Vertigo / TKno BeurK / MK-Ultra

The two previous issues Radioactive Woman and Radio Play will be publish next on the netlabel… time is a reverted process.

The previous “Alien Trilogy” is still here

Illustration by Alain Grille

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