Marcelo Espindola – De un tiempo a esta parte

Marcelo Espindola – De un tiempo a esta parte

Marcelo Espindola

“De un tiempo a esta parte”

The confluence of sound textures and the use of loops in the classic way of musique concrète are found in this long-playing music, an acousmatic bet by Marcelo Espíndola, who has long experience in this art. With a large musical background, Espíndola who is a percussionist and moves between contemporary music and funk,displays high claritypercussion sounds and spaces of various kinds through maintained materials(according to Schaeffer’s terminology). Timbre, its variations and its positioning in space through reverberation and location in the stereo panorama, enrich the sonic whole. Synthesis and sampling come together in a mixture of detailed sound craft that forms a journey that transits between the contemplative and an organic or a mechanical drive, all according to the type of repetitions and exposed materials.

Alejandro Albornoz
PhD in Electroacoustic Music Composition, University of Sheffield
(Valdivia, Chile. Diciembre / December 2020)

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