Kingdom Scum / Buffalomckee – AD D dth EA brth D DE


Kingdom Scum / Buffalomckee

“AD D dth EA brth D DE”

Kingdom Scum returns and teams up with Buffalomckee from Japan!

Track Listing:
01. Kingdom Scum – A Journey to Humility Begins with Death
02. Kingdom Scum – An Autopsy of the Body Politic Evolving into Metaphysical Necrophilia
03. Kingdom Scum – Convening an Assembly of the Spirits of Scavengers, Fog, Triumph, and Decay
04. Kingdom Scum – Transcendent Cycles/Candescent Trials
05. Kingdom Scum – Retroactive Resurrection
06. Buffalomckee – Audio Graffiti
07. Buffalomckee – Grinding Teeth
08. Buffalomckee – Dango Touch
09. Buffalomckee – Black Stone
10. Buffalomckee – Spiderweb Quartet

Cover design by Phoenix X Eeyore.

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