Bon-Psy & Visco City – Serene

Bon-Psy & Visco City – Serene

Bon-Psy & Visco City


Bon-Psy & Visco City, two of the most exciting new artists within the Experimental Electronica scene, work together in harmonious fashion on their latest release ‘Serene’.

Both artists, having seen great success in 2020, effortlessly blend their two unique styles together to create something magical. ‘Serene’ is a rollercoaster, an amalgamation of different styles that they are able to effortlessly weave in and out of. Here they find balance between their approaches, and the result is five minutes of Electronic bliss.

Whilst ‘Serene’ is a standout release on its own, the accompanying Music Video presents further material to be dissected. Each section of the video corresponds to the four total lunar eclipses preceding the extremely rare “Blood Moon”. The alignment of the moon with the sun is a rare occurrence, and much like ‘Serene’ is an experience to be in awe of. Fleeting doves in each section suggest harmony, the rarity of a “Blood Moon” personifies the unlikeliness of two producers flourishing together so well.

Bon-Psy & Visco City kick off 2021 with grace and style, ‘Serene’ is an exciting proposal of what is yet to come.

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