Andrew Haines – Ae2 Attic Jamz

Andrew Haines – Ae2 Attic Jamz

Andrew Haines

“Ae2 Attic Jamz”

The music recordings in question here were made as part of the Ae2 Multimedia project. The Ae2 project is primarily a fine art,photography,folk crafts, natural herbalism and spiritual research and engagement project. Audio creation was added to its output at a later date. ‘Manhattan 90’, ‘Stories of 89’ and ‘Winged Twilight’ were the result of live recordings made a long time ago [1990’s] but remixed by myself during the lockdown of 2020.

01. (00:04:42) Andrew Haines – Manhattan 90
02. (00:02:30) Andrew Haines – Masaparelda Dub
03. (00:06:25) Andrew Haines – Stories From 89
04. (00:06:29) Andrew Haines – Winged Twilight
05. (00:04:34) Haines & Schindling – Forest of Clocaenog
06. (00:00:42) Andrew Haines – Attic Jamz Outro

Tracks 1,2,4,6 were written as part of the Ae2 project by its joint members and produced by Andrew Haines.

* Track 5 was written by Christoph Schindling and produced by Andrew Haines and Christoph Schindling as part of the Ae2 project.

Playing Time………: 00:25:23

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