SENYAWA – Alkisah Dikisahkan

SENYAWA – Alkisah Dikisahkan
[YESNO 099]


“Alkisah Dikisahkan”

2020 is not only marked by the coronavirus pandemic. It was stormed by thousands of natural disasters and human rights violations that had started decades earlier. 2020 is the peak of human greed and vanity which is the result of the capitalistic culture. The only way to deal with this is to open ourselves up to cooperate with one another. It looks simple if you are a utopian. The tradition to organise a small scale group with intensive multiple proxies is very necessary for the welfare of the people. Collective method like this must be carried out with a slow, long process, and requires a lot of courage because it will be faced with the big systems that does not want to share their benefits.

In 2019, Senyawa began to initiate a business unit to independently face the challenges of its economic sustainability called Senyawa Mandiri. This unit is also designed to reduce dependence on giant corporate products. As time went on, Senyawa Mandiri developed into a political stance for Senyawa themselve. It is no longer Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi. It was transformed into an open and egalitarian multi-entity.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Senyawa became increasingly convinced that the centralization of the art ecosystem and its industry was no longer relevant to the community. Senyawa new album, titled Alkisah, is a social tool that wants to break down the centers of the current arogant ecosystems. Alkisah consists of 8 songs and a collective system across cultures and continents. It was mixed and bred with 44 music labels and hundreds of musicians around the world.

As a supporter of Senyawa since 2010 and as a label that encourages an open-culture movement, Yes No Wave Music takes part in Alkisah module by releasing the album’s stem tracks provided for everyone to participate in reproducing the album. This stem album is accompanied by a remix sets titled Alkisah Dikisah. We invited 8 musicians: Wahono (Jakarta), Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Pontianak), Prontaxan (Yogyakarta), Gabber Modus Operandi (Denpasar), Y-DRA (Yogyakarta), Pisitakun (Bangkok) and Slikback (Nairobi). Every remix is ​​a free interpretation and artistic speculation of impossibilities to giving birth the art decentralization mutations.

Alkisah Dikisahkan

Curated by Wok The Rock
Produced by Yes No Wave Music
Mixed by the artists
Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 mastered by Yossi Herman
Track 5 mastered by Wahono
Ilustration by Ardi Gunawan
Layout by Wok The Rock

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