various artists – Infinity of Perception

various artists – Infinity of Perception

various artists

“Infinity of Perception”

Various Artists – Infinity of Perception
The Release is free as always, but you can pay what you want to support the Label!!!

Infinity of Perception takes you on a deep hypnotic journey through space and time and lets you into another world full of depth and comfort. Here the different aspects of the techno sound can unfold completely and take up the whole room. 18 tracks where everyone has a story to tell but when combined, the complete picture emerges.
many thanks to all artists who made this compilation possible with their wonderful tracks.

Akob – Blank Garten
Petit Astronaute – In Silence
VANTA – Gravity Well
Markus Masuhr – Someone
Markus Masuhr – Signs from Saturn
Pvrv. – Menos rhesus
Empirical Distress – Centrifugal Mass
Ignacio Tardieu – Infinity Polarization
Nahualism – Something is wrong
Kids on Acid – Echonault
Markus Masuhr – Cosmic blue
FACO – Intensamente
Elias. – de – Unikat III
23.4 – Frozen Wilds
k102 – Time Breach
DRFCT – Meriamon
Tunist Dasa – Discarded Chains
Laima Adelaide – unstable space

Infinity of Perception
Mastering and Design by Markus Masuhr

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