9VoltDisaster – Anima Space

9VoltDisaster – Anima Space


“Anima Space”

For those who do not know Rafael Diogo this is an excellent record to start the demand about his work.

Repetitive and sometimes minimal, this is the incursion into this Anima Space. Rafael, or more specifically 9VoltDisaster, seeks to capture the moment, his space and time. Composer of and with nature, his field recordings make this record a whirlwind of sensations, intensities, endless searches for the ideal scenario.

Anima Space are stories, some shorter, others longer, with common places and others at opposite ends. Stories drawn in a space and time appropriate to the language of its composer. A record full of seeds in germination. Rafael takes us from the city’s dance to rural tranquility in 8 fascinating tracks.

To listen in tune with the nature that surrounds us. 9VoltDisaster ─ this is the name to keep.

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