"Various Artist" – 3pr(iii)9ses

"Various Artist" – 3pr(iii)9ses

“Various Artist”


1 – Robert Cole Rizzi “Wind, Water, Wood”
I went out sound hunting on february 26th 2021. Had an idea about recording the ambient sound as well as a contact mic recording of a tree simultaneously… Went to a nearby place by a stream, where I knew there would be reasonably quiet.
It was kind of windy, so there’s some low rumble in the recording from the tall trees
3 channels 2 from Lewitt LCT 540S’s in NOS and 1 from the Schertler “tree bug” microphone, mixed into stereo

2 – Frédéric Nogray “Hydroboulisme cauchemar d’une sardine en boite”
C’est avec étonnement et fascination que nous sommes invités à partager les tribulations ombrageuses d’une sardine en ivresse parmi quelques unes de ses consoeurs sur la piste de danse d’un recoin reculé du Canal de l’Ourcq à Paris capturées lors d’une chaude journée de printemps 2015 par la membrane attendrie d’un microphone jeté là par dépit par son propriétaire qui recherchait rageusement la roue avant de son vélocipède ayant de toute évidence du se jeter dans les eaux tumultueuses du canal dans le but plus qu’évident de se rafraichir. An extraordinary and historic document of such things that sometimes happened far from the ears of a common nature.

3 – Acoustic Mirror “Threshold”
“Threshold” is the result of one of many work processes I engaged with while researching the condition of listening under confinement. In this case, I resorted to the sound-activated recording feature of a small handheld recorder. Sound-activated recording needs an indication of what sound level is to be recorded – this is the so-called threshold. I configured it and set it up in my studio, and went around my usual chores.

The resulting recordings ranged from basic room tone, footsteps, housekeeping and other domestic soundscapes, and the occasional street noise, all starting with a particular sound that went, so to speak, over the threshold.

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