Special Request – Zero Fucks

Special Request – Zero Fucks

Special Request

“Zero Fucks”

Special Request drops the fourth and final album of 2019. Concentrating purely on the heavyweight original hardcore ethos of taking whatever you want from anywhere, these tracks are made for shelling down dances and losing your marbles.

Those who have been paying close attention will recognise the face-melting drum treatments from those instagram clips, constructed using purpose-built equipment and a healthy amount of irreverence.

Elsewhere we find clock mechanisms worked into the layers of various tracks, the voices of Francis Bacon, David Lynch and others & eventually one such clock speeding up to oblivion, merely hinting at where Special Request is taking you next…

Vinyl editions to follow in 2020 and will be released and deleted on the same day. Pay 0.00 for these downloads. Enjoy life.
released December 30, 2019

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