Pátí na světě – Jupiter Carousel

Pátí na světě – Jupiter Carousel

Pátí na světě

“Jupiter Carousel”

released June 1, 2021

This album about obscuration through aesthetics is based on a sentence that claims that people cannot use beauty to get to “the bottom part of the Earth”.

Originally a quartet, now a trio, Pátí na světě delve into the lands of sirup-covered strings sections.
They prune their way through these sticky thickets to more and more choruses that get so easily lost by the campfire.
Long before the pandemic, the lyrics to “Gulliver” included the term “deniers”, half-forgotten at the time, hackneyed and overused today.

The album’s message is the following: The world as we know it is breathtaking, even without beauty!
released May 31, 2021

Pátí na světě / Fifth in the world
album: Jupiter Carousel

year: 2021
label: Polí5
order CD at: www.polipet.cz/vydavatelstvi-poli5/

Pátí na světě: Tomáš Doležal, Petr Fučík, Ivan Palacký:
Guests: Lucie Páchová, George Cremaschi, Tomáš Vtípil
Recording: Petr Fučík
Mix&Master: Tomáš Vtípil
Cover art: Roman Ženatý & Tomáš Doležal

The Tunnel / Music video: vimeo.com/552927031

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