Nicolas Tourney – Music for Piano

Nicolas Tourney – Music for Piano

Nicolas Tourney

“Music for Piano”

Nicolas Tourney is a french experimental musician and sound designer, also owner of the label Snow in Water Records. His new album Music for Piano focuses on the acoustic properties of the instrument used in various ways in order to generate rich and subtle resonances. But the artist himself says it more precisely :

“Entirely recorded in the hours of the night, in order to capture very low amplitude sounds that neighboring noises would have made imperceptible, the twelve configurations of Music for Piano reflect research on vibration. The piano used is a late 19th century German grand piano, allowing, when it is wide open, all kinds of placements, preparations, rebounds. Some drones evolved continuously for several days in a row, in order to see the gradual emergence of new timbres produced by the microscopic movements of objects inside the piano. By releasing a resonance rather than a note, the pressure of the keys then opening a void, other modes of play have required tools with a roundabout function and instruments that our daily habits have made their own.”

Credits :

Nicolas Tourney : Piano, Objects, Bows, E-bow, Pure Data System, LOM Usi Microphones.

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