Pablo Gomez Bate – Construcción Social

Pablo Gomez Bate – Construcción Social

Pablo Gomez Bate

“Construcción Social”

“Construcción Social” (“Social Construction”), the latest album by Pablo Gómez Bate, offers us a varied listening, walking through different landscapes, (de) (re) building provocative atmospheres through the use of natural, acoustic, friendly and recognizable sounds, plus vocalizations that remind us in some passages of the “Windowlicker” of the British twin referent, accompanied by glitches, noises and synthetic or digital discharges.

All of the above, which could be understood as overly cerebral music, occurs without renouncing sensory and rhythmic enjoyment, in songs like “Jajause” or “FM10”, where, as in social constructs, we can agree to follow certain conventional rules, but without a doubt the artistic risk that Pablo takes on this album is precisely to question, expand and / or demolish them, breaking the usual stylistic structures with samples and unexpected breaks.

Almost 48 minutes of clear, high-resolution sound, to enjoy while we contemplate the inevitable rewriting of the parameters and norms that govern or de-govern us.

Mika Martini
(Santiago, Chile. Junio / June 2021)

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