88756 – Self EP

88756 – Self EP


“Self EP”

For the release of our first Queensland-based artist, we are stoked for CVU008 to have come from a connoisseur of all things electronic, and burgeoning producer, dj, and programmer: 88756.

88756’s multidisciplinary, focused approach to music and art has seen a torrent of releases since 2019, almost always accompanied by imagery generated through an automated video generator that was written in python. Concurrently, this approach has honed a certain sonic precision that is ever present in these tracks; everything from oldschool electro to modern polyrhythmic madness.

On remix duties – Olympic Pool Maintenance League, another one to watch in Brisbane – takes us through a mind-altering remix of Self, one that churns and wavers through a broken soundscape.

As always CVU008 is free to download straight from Soundcloud. All Australian music, all the time. We’ll also have some videos generated by 88756 and their python script coming soon.
released May 19, 2021

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