Javier Moraga – Sofismo

Javier Moraga – Sofismo

Javier Moraga



Restless Javier Moraga has conceived this set of atmospheric tracks that are no easy stuff to our ears at all.

‘Sofismo‘ appeals to the mother’s womb, taking us there, eliciting our arcane memories: our mother’s blood feeding and warming, hearts beating at the same time, becoming rhythms we will remember for life… a missing quality this release brings back in full glory.

This set of tracks grew along his daughter – the most wonderful thing in Moraga’s life. This may explain their sonic quality, as if they were heard thru the womb, coming from a cold, unknown outside, but turning into something cosy and warm while inside.

Filled with unrecognizable – though identifiable -, organic, thick sounds, stimulating imagination, this album deals with its title not in the sense of thought’s depth or truth seeking thru knowledge, but rather in the sense of sonic exploration: Javier intends to rule over machines, synthesis, tools… the final word is up to you.

Iván Tapia
(Barcelona, España, September 2008)

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