Brevyn – Seahorses

Brevyn – Seahorses



Electronic composer Brevyn’s latest platter for Vulpiano and landwalkers everywhere is a compilation of older recordings, themed around aquatic tone colors and ambiently-oriented rhythms.

An established connoisseur of library music and videogame soundtracks, Brevyn fully explores this ethos as applied to the strikingly exotic and delicate environs that hum beneath the waves: short motifs (pale crabs clustering around a hydrothermal vent, seahorses weaving through coral forests) that are beguiling in their own way, but are generously reproducible and can be imagined as BGM in a video installation, its walls a wide projection of bioluminescent jellyfish.

Words from the artist:

Seahorses is a dive into the strange, alluring yet often creepy ways of marine life. Being my second archive release, these are songs I made back in late July (2, 4, 6-10, 11, 13) and December (1, 3, 5, 12, 14) of 2016. #11 is download-only. Given that I previewed many of these songs over the past months it’s become a compilation of sorts.

My inspiration was a mix of Spencer Nilsen’s Ecco The Dolphin music, ocean-themed library music like Eric Vann’s Water World and quirky old space-age/lounge. A particular riff actually reoccurs in about three tracks, somewhat like a library record or soundtrack. I was obsessed enough with this idea of ‘aqua lounge’ to make a companion mix of these influences for Vulpiano:


I might suggest using headphones here. Tweaking such old tracks for publishing was a very drawn-out and frustrating process that I underestimated, so I still don’t feel too satisfied with the mix on certain tracks/sections. If you notice a glaring / distracting flaw then, you could always specify it to me.

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