Minogame – 73th °°° amalgamation

Minogame – 73th °°° amalgamation


“73th °°° amalgamation”

The best album of Minogame, the top runner of The Worst label.

Track Listing:
01. Giving up the Ghost «Ja Ne»
02. Right Stance (Save 1st Base)
03. batterscrained
04. upswing
05. nice (fri)ends
06. Calculated Risk
07. Ready or Not
08. Promise
09. Fir
10. prayer///akratic mix
11. Thank You
Extra Track. mirinogajuume – if its 139 i guarantee my friends

Music by Minogame
Extra Track by Minogame and Riajuu
Curated by Haruo Ishihara
Artwork by 南響
Design by Occupied Territories

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