Dominik Vogel – Emails from my Future Self

Dominik Vogel – Emails from my Future Self

Dominik Vogel

“Emails from my Future Self”

A new album, then. Seemingly casually screwed together from the wrist. Dominik doesn’t make many words about it:

“The tracks are (as usual) one-take recordings of the modular system, partly also with generative elements.
Often carried by 2 modular CS-80 voices and almost beatless, the tracks on this album are rather minimalistic, emotional and intimate.”

This description is technically accurate, but of course does not do justice at all to the monumental sound and sense spaces of his music. It’s about as if a Cologne resident would say, “Yes, and at Roncalliplatz there’s a big church, quite a lot of stones were laid for it.”

And indeed, Dominik Vogel’s tracks are surrounded by a certain sacral air. On the one hand, because they come along carried and in places dissolving in long reverb tails. On the other hand, because all the titles can be understood as small, spiritual impulses. If you want to.

Of course, you can also simply enjoy the whole thing as ingenious sound play and not be misled by the titles. And yet we have the well-founded suspicion that there must be more than we initially want to perceive.

Great art always holds a secret.

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