Luis Marte – Space Mobile

Luis Marte – Space Mobile

Luis Marte

“Space Mobile”

To be in a state of resolve toward art means that the ways of approaching form or sound are always changing, beyond what could be called a style or a habitual manner of creation. It is this doubt that drives curiosity and determination to venture into unknown fields.

The music of Luis Marte in recent times has been prolific and now, with the release of “Space Mobile”, we find ourselves face to face with one of his many outlooks, in which he moves away from the nature of machines and dives headfirst into digital processes.

We begin to hear a theme in which time is a diffuse entity that is paused before taking course. Sound speaks more of volumes and places than of events, where what we hear can be recognized with physical and tactile references.

The city resounds like a specter. All this to place us in a sort of canon, in which its two stories modulate a haze with blows, interruptions, and knots.

The third piece features the collaboration of Pablo Reche. Together they create a series of rolls in which the grains of noise contract and disappear. Changes are outlined before the shapes and timbres of things.

Time keeps ticking, the reverberation becomes the pulse and a piece of techno places in order that from which almost everything has been subtracted.

This work forms a reconstruction of the environment, as if the processes were a lens for looking at things again from another place. Thus, all the information and data to which we are exposed day after day is transformed into material, in which the sonic conception of Luis Marte digs to reveal the light of isolation and singularity.

Óscar Santis
(Concón, Chile. October 2021)

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