Studio 112 – The Riviera Suite

Studio 112 – The Riviera Suite

Studio 112

“The Riviera Suite”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents The Riviera Suite by Studio 112.
“Impressionist Music for Inner Travelers”.
A kind of out of your daily space symphony, as the title told, a music enough transcendental to transport you into the mythical Mediterranean Riviera.
As a character of Tony Gatlif’s Tom Medina said “there is something magical about this region”. Well put your sunglasses on and press the buton play to dive slowly into this stuffy atmosphere, dreamy but tense as a dental floss …

Studio112 is the main project of Alain Grille also electric guitarist and musicmaker in rADio eNd / Multiple Personality 3 / PIRATE Tapes / EVA Vertigo / TKno BeurK / MK-Ultra

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Photography by Alain Grille

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