B-Maltais & Konejo – Abel’s Journey to Revival

B-Maltais & Konejo – Abel's Journey to Revival

B-Maltais & Konejo

“Abel’s Journey to Revival”

If recent genetic research and the Bible come together on one point, it is on the subject of our fraternity : descendants of the Mitochondrial Eve, which would have lived about 150,000 years ago, we all are, on this planet, brothers and sisters of DNA, bound by blood. Thus, each war, every assassination, every murder is a fratricide, the Cains of this world killing and mutilating by instrumentalizing love, science or religion, often from the same egocentric jealousy that made Abel its first victim. “The voice of your brother’s blood cries from the earth to me”… In the same way it is building bridges between sample-based music and acoustic instrumentation, redemptional melodies and tormented sound collages, ambient introspection (“The Spilling Breaker of Eternity and Ever”) and cinematographic tension (“A Quiet Moment of Abandon Away from Avidity and Turmoil”), disillusioned melancholy (“A One-Way Stroll”) and serenity found again in the communion of feelings (” Our Ascension “), the first collaborative album from B-Maltais and Konejo connects the dots of its biblical references by the blood and tears of universal traumas with personal echoes (“A Temporary Eclipse of the Mind”), and the fleeting lines of current events that weigh more and more heavily on our daily lives. Influenced by a common living experience far from these democracies that some senseless pandemic-skeptics dare compare these days to dictatorships, the duo that has been back in France for a few years now, crystallize over the narrative course of “Abel’s Journey to Revival” another form of anxiety : in the crosshairs, the renewed instability of real authoritarian regimes (“Deluge”), their campaigns of lies and propaganda (“Dealing with Liars”), their violations of privacy and freedom of speach posing as a new securitarian normality (“Abused Privacy of a Born-Prisoner”), their contempt for feminicide which goes on blaming its victims (“Selfie with Adam pointing at me”), their transgressions of scientific ethics (as shown by the cover from B-Maltais, mixing collage work, painting and digital art) and the neurotic behavior of their leaders born in violence and frustration (“The Old Cunt Betrayed Me, I Wanna Kill Everybody!”).
released November 30, 2021

Artwork (collage, painting and digital) by B-Maltais, layout by Konejo.

Mastered by our dear friend Anatoly ‘Tokee’ Grinberg (www.discogs.com/artist/3790715-Anatoly-Tokee-Grinberg).

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