Ruoho Ruotsi – Amuse​​​-​​​gueules Vol. 3

Ruoho Ruotsi – Amuse​​​-​​​gueules Vol. 3

Ruoho Ruotsi

“Amuse​​​-​​​gueules Vol. 3”

Amuse​​-​​gueules Vol. 3 happens after dusk. On a damp night in 1Q84, Aomame nurses her verre à absinthe, at a hotel bar in Shibuya as 10 Sides of Ethel Ennis floats out from the jukebox with a gratuitous level of lusciousness. Meanwhile, El Sapo dreams of endless battles of contrasting memories.

The Amuse​​-​​gueules series (‘lil hors d’œuvre appetizers) has been a platform for experimentation, a tabula rasa of sorts, for RR to upend older, unfinished ideas while introducing new ting and refining studio technique. Since Volume 1, I’ve versioned a number of riddims, repurposed long-form spoken word from Chocolat and tucked Ethel Ellis under warp garridge basslines, all while managing to pull off an indisposable slice of “afterburn rave” delectability.
released December 1, 2021

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