Emmerichk – Echo Around 101

Emmerichk – Echo Around 101


“Echo Around 101”

Mexican producer Emmerichk pleases us with a second release for Modismo catalog after releasing ‘Sleepy HZ’ (2019) and adding a track that same year to the third volume of the compilation ‘Chile No está en Guerra.’
His new EP offers us four extensive compositions that in their first line immerses us in a delightful Dub Techno trip which pays tribute to the classic Drum Machine 808 of Roland.
Soon, collisions over analog tape increase tension that later on is released with resounding rhythms provided by the second track. Echo Around 101 keeps a calm environment to then ratchet things up during one of the most unnerving moments of this work.
With a musical trajectory of almost three decades, this talented musician and producer has sustained a highly notorious place in national and international record labels. Always avoiding common places, Emmerichk can be spotted among great talented musicians within the contemporary Latin-American electronic genre, as it is well revealed in Odyssey Stabs, the track that overwhelmingly completes his work.
This is an album with flawless sound that carries German musician Pole’s legacy and takes it to more intense and robust fields where abstraction is loaded by vital and contagious energy.

Javier Moraga Salazar

Todos los temas compuestos y masterizados por Emmerichk
Arte por Emmerichk
Reseña por Javier Moraga
Traducción al Inglés por Allyson Penelas

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