Various Artists – A Tuzzo Lanto

Various Artists – A Tuzzo Lanto

Various Artists

“A Tuzzo Lanto”


In music many things are said, but there are many that are silenced. Today the Bari Almost Halloween Time Records and Lepers Produtcions bring out the unspoken with a record of new languages ​​and clumsy attempts at cultural appropriation. A compilation inspired by Richard Feynman and his poem “A tuzzo lanto” and “Prisencolinensinainciusol” by Celentano, the lallation and what Saint Nicholas understood while the 62 Bari sailors stole his bones from Turkey.

A compilation dedicated to the acceptance of misunderstanding, which is used by Luigi and Giuseppe to introduce themselves to some of their favorite musicians and by deceiving them to celebrate the largest city in eastern Italic which is Bari, for those who do not yet know it.

released March 15, 2022

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