Gabriele Ragonesi – Dark Passenger EP

Gabriele Ragonesi – Dark Passenger EP

Gabriele Ragonesi

“Dark Passenger EP”

Classic progrock straight from Florence. Gabriele Ragonesi: words & music; drums, percussives, vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, recording & mixing.
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A. J. Kaufmann – In E

A. J. Kaufmann – In E

A. J. Kaufmann

“In E”

Alternative project from Darlowo/Poland. Enjoy!
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Various Artists – Partscaster Parade Compilation

Various Artists – Partscaster Parade Compilation

Various Artists

“Partscaster Parade Compilation”

Another guitar project from Bonimedia. Partscasters in action. From blues to metal. From Jay Turser to Fender.
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Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream – Hexenplatz EP

Harley Cream

“Hexenplatz EP”

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Hexenplatz
Cat: GAY005
Genre: Super hot out of this world magical cream style
Runtime: 7:46 minGAY super star Harley Cream is back with an amazing bewitching EP ready to haunt you with sheer amaze-balls full of extraordinary music! Filled with mysterious spells, uniqueness and enough fired up fire in his soul; the unbeaten talent brings you to the Hexenplatz. It’s the intriguing place that covers wide arrangements, complete unexpectedness, graveyard party times and bewildering magnificent magical moments! No Viagra could ever make you more rock hard than the material captured on this hot collection of must have material! Super HOT!

Skeleton Hopes – Waiting EP

Skeleton Hopes – Waiting EP

Skeleton Hopes

“Waiting EP”

Skeleton Hopes is the solo project of Alexander Mayorov, songwriter from Moscow. Played as a guitarist in Moscow bands for some years, now he is writing music on his own. Here is his third EP Waiting. All the songs from EP were written and performed by Skeleton Hopes.
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Friends and Enemies – Santa Rosa de Lima (2012)

Friends and Enemies – Santa Rosa de Lima (2012)

Friends and Enemies

“Santa Rosa de Lima (2012)”

A melodic, chaotic, deep and melancholic maxi-single, slow at its beginning but becomes faster and cheerful. Lyrics are just basically phrases they came out with while they played the songs. Distraught shrieking is just a background texture.

This album is a result of bad days as human beings, and some kind of catharsis for all. ‘Santa Rosa de Lima’ is a reminder that life goes on while we are sitting here, waiting for something to happen.


released September 29, 2012

Recorded at: SoundRoom Mitras
Composed by: Ángel Amaya, Daniel Castillo, Javier Ibarra and Víctor Arguello
Voice samples on track 2 were taken from “Garden State” (movie).

DEN – DEN – Daily Galaxies EP

DEN – DEN – Daily Galaxies EP


“DEN – Daily Galaxies EP”

Very interesting, inspiring alternative-chillout music. As the artist – Denis says: “Sometimes the sound can convey much more than the words said”. So let’s just listen!
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Lay – Lay

Lay – Lay

CLARA GAZUL – Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture

CLARA GAZUL – Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture


“Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture”

new sountrack on earsheltering, amazing trip
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Origami Repetika – Red Zamboni


Origami Repetika

“Red Zamboni “

=- I sing a lot in this one.. moreso than in any of my previous releases. Most likely personal reflection reasons. I’m about to turn 39 soon and begin my 40th year of life. Red Zamboni was the second track of this family of songs recorded and I like it so much that I made a music video for it and sent it in to It’s different than the other four songs in that it didn’t receive any vocals, nevertheless, it’s in the same family as it was created the same way (arranging the chord progressions in chordbot on android then dropping them into renoise on pc where I do the recording, tracking, and rendering) as the other four. So instead of making Red Zamboni its own single and the four remaining songs an ep, I just decided to make it one ep altogether.

Every ice hockey arena needs a zamboni they can count on. And not just count on. One they can spell on too. Life isn’t always about numbers.

Red Zamboni by Origami Repetika is now avl on sub65
#sub65media #easylistening #postpunk #melodramatic #lobit

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Harley Cream – Suffocation


Harley Cream


by Harley CreamWishlistSUFFOCATION 00:00 / 02:53

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FROST 03:18


BURIAL 02:00

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: Suffocation
Cat: GAY001
Genre: out of the box cream style
Runtime: 8:12 min

GAY super star Harley Cream is putting himself out there with this magnificent 3 track EP,
prettily filled up with groundbreaking and ass shaking material that is as good as unclassifiable raw, hard and creamy! It’s the coolest and yet also the hottest stuff available at this very moment!
The material will fuck you up in all the best possible ways! In staid of choking on a phallus, suffocate on Suffocation instead! Ride that baby hard and good! Yummm!

Various Artists – Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation


Various Artists

“Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation”

27 tracks and 104 minutes of polish lutherie guitars in action! Mayones, Flame, ZAK, PAS, Mensfeld, MEG, P. Kamecki, Mensinger and many more!
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Camille – Antineutral




Spanish alternative rock band is coming back with very cool “Antineutral” album.


01. Taas
02. L.L.O.R.A.
03. Resurrezión con tu á canto
04. M.S.V.
05. Carnuzes de Bohemia
06. La piara
07. Bjorn
08. Thin bell
09. O forau
10. La réalité

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dSCi / Parpar Split – dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS / Parpar


dSCi / Parpar Split


Split vinyl album between long time Enough Records collaborators dSCi and the duo Parpar, two Portuguese projects sharing tours and a sensibility for the punk-rock free jazz type of sounds. This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Milo Gomberoff at Hukot studio in Barcelona. Cover artwork by Katafu. A co-release effort by ATR, A Besta, Lepers, Epicericords, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, Experimentáculo Records, Gaffer Records, Panda Records and Enough Records.
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Turvia – The Horrible Life

the dissonant – forgotten songs from a decadent era, part 3


the dissonant

“forgotten songs from a decadent era, part 3”

Post-Industrial from Oslo
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Khaki Green Gills – Time – A Khaki Green Gills Compilation


Khaki Green Gills

“Time – A Khaki Green Gills Compilation”

squiggly lines in a straight book, left sounds in a right universe
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Elvii Marten – D’ansphurdoux



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