halfcastle – echo sonus (questions and answers)

halfcastle – echo sonus (questions and answers)
[ACP 1346]


“echo sonus (questions and answers)”

Recorded live except track 01, in Rimini btw November and December 2021
Mastered by Demetrio Cecchitelli
Cover art: Fabrizio Nisi

“What’s behind this encrypted alias is the contingence of living a moment at the same time before and after it starts and then finishes. Lost in echoes’ sound, within time and space, it sinks into feelings. Looped questions and answers, trying to identify and reach the epithet of truth.”

This was the first presentation of Demetrio Cecchitelli’s side moniker, five years ago.
Now the manifesto of this inward-self-gaze research has been released, mirrored and reflected by German label attenuation circuit.

That’s all.

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