Noxpox x Humanfobia – ✞Vampire▼Blood✞

Noxpox x Humanfobia – ✞Vampire▼Blood✞

Noxpox x Humanfobia


– Noxpox is an industrial, experimental music project from Orsoy (am Niederrhein), Germany.
Created by Andre Hindenburg.
noxpox soundcloud:

– Humanfobia is a witch house, experimental duo from Rancagua, Chile.
members: Sábila Orbe (sound mixer) & Mist Spectra (lead vocalist)

All music by Noxpox. additional mixes and sound effects by Sábila Orbe. // Vocals in all tracks, model on the cover: Mist Spectra.
artwork by Andre Hindenburg & Sábila Orbe. model: Mist Spectra.-

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