Twin Realities Dreamers – Desired Reality

Twin Realities Dreamers – Desired Reality

Twin Realities Dreamers

“Desired Reality”

The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents Desired Reality by Twin Realities Dreamers.

“Healing Music for Reality Shifters”

Desired Reality appeared like a soap bubble above the streams of blood flowing in this early 2022. I found myself with a poem that had the same name as a poem by Misuzu, Night and Day and was in the same spirit. And from thread of synchronicity‚ to needle of dream, I gathered some of her poems to mix them with some of mine. This album is addressed as it’s used to say “to the children who have grown up but have been able to keep their child’s heart alive.”

All tracks except the 3rd and the lyrics are live improvisations recorded in the few days before the 24th of March 2022.

Poetry by Misuzu Kaneko & Morne.

Special thanks to Damaris Baker for making me discover Misuzu’s poetry.

Dedicated to all the victims of war around the world.

Open letter to the aliens previously published on Camembert Electrique in Xmasia V/A compilation

Twin Realities Dreamers replaced since several years by Multiple Personality 3, but sometime reality is so heavy that it’s enjoyable to bring back this kind of healing energies.

It might be also because I needed to send a love letter to early Lo-Fi outsider music like Wesley Willis & Daniel Johnston despite by some ways this sounds closer of early The Legendary Pink Dots…

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Desired Reality

Night And Day.

It’s often when we almost forgot the day,

at the very end of the night,

when we begin to doubt that he will finally rise,

may the horizon be ablaze with the fires of the new day.

Others believe it’s night,

but it’s only their eyesight,

who has weakened so much,

that they no longer see anything.

It would be enough if they listened to its warmth on their skin,

to know that the day is here.

Finally there are those who swear by electricity,

who don’t know what dawn means,

maybe they are the most surprised,

when they find out how much

its brilliance eclipses all others.

Peace is Alive.

If love is the fire, then peace is water for the world.

Peace is not a deadly calm,

but a joyful smile.

Peace is a state of mind,

when you are no more hungry noch thirsty,

because love feeds you.

Peace is a feeling,

when you feel connected with all the beings.

because be linked feeds you.

Peace is a music,

when you are no more the slave of time

because you are creating your own rhythm.

Peace is your will,

when you are not afraid to make your own choices

because you accept that sometime,

you make the wrong one, to learn…

Peace is a skill,

when you are no more afraid to be hurt,

when you prefer to be wound than to hurt any others,

because you know how to heal yourself.

Peace is your consciousness,

when you know that the meaning of life

is to be one among the others, and they are no more strangers.

Peace is a dream,

but the kind of dream you want to dream awake.

This is a dream,
but this is alive.

Pull the pom pom with a syntonisation Network.

If every Sunday at the sunset,

If everyone turns into a human tuner.

If every frequencies are set on the same phase :
wishing the best to every creatures alive on earth.

We will do a step together in direction of a dream world.

Sure it could sounds like these old religions,
as well like anything new age,
indeed it’s just a naive child magic.

What do we have to lose ?

Would you win a chance to make a change ?

What would be the world if we develop our consciousness ?

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