88756 – TOOLKIT II

88756 – TOOLKIT II



Twelve moons following the initial provision of it’s stripped-back techno tooling, the 88756 project returns with a sequel. As far as we’re concerned, an upgrade – the manual coercion of it’s output towards this overly hypnotic, functional sound is proving easier with each release.

Limbo in both name and nature, the opening track; a relentless polyrhythmic whirlpool of sound and 909s; has been stuck in the release backlog for a considerable time now, and is finally making it’s way out of the project’s DJ sets and into your gleeful little hands. The Void tells the story of a solitary synth line caught up in the perpetuity of existence, whilst Space Whirlpool swirls in a smug, self-satisfactory manner. Latent Reality is, to the best of our knowledge, a genuine attempt at interplanetary communication, and finally, Come Get It closes out the extended EP with an invitation of physical violence.

As always, these mechanical outputs are free to download straight from Bandcamp. Your support keeps us safe, and additional commentary is welcomed.
released April 16, 2022

Production and Mastering: 88756
Inner Logo Design: Brooke Reilly

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