Llankrú – Half Way Café

Llankrú – Half Way Café


“Half Way Café”

The Dresden (DE) based band Llankrú presents its second album called “Half Way Café”. After the debut in 2017 the band set off firmly to explore its own cosmos. Musical self-discovery, expedition, adventure tour? Presumably a little bit of everything. The flight forward combined with the curiousity about, what’s waiting out there. With “Half Way Café” Llankrú now takes a break half way and offers an insight to the travel diary.

By now en route as a trio, Llankrú kept the preference for widescreen guitars and for a melancholic, puristic narrative style. The band itself calls its sound, geared to the Noise and Post Rock of the 90ies, “Mellow Movie Music”. For me the ideal soundtrack, let’s say, for a western, in which the horses speak more than the humans. But the album appears more sustenuto and heavy-weight in comparison to the former. More matured and experienced. The first stretch of way already has left marks.

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