Fono Mental – Fabulas

Fono Mental – Fabulas

Fono Mental


“Fono Mental” (Mental Phone) was born with the idea of making use of the metallophone, an instrument with a school-like character, to generate experimental and decidedly ambient sound pieces. With this chromatic instrument as a starting point, Jorge Cabieses-Valdes and Marcelo Peña (Miopec) realized two sessions of improvisation and experimentation during the year 2020 in a small and isolated town in the fourth region of Chile, on the outskirts of the city of Ovalle.

The recorded material was then edited and mixed in order to generate a piece that can be heard specifically in outdoor spaces, finally becoming in this version an album entitled “Fábulas”. Musically, the result allows other environmental sounds to integrate with the listening experience and mix themselves in aleatoric fashion to generate a new composition each time it is heard.

Jorge Cabieses-Valdes.
English version by Ryan Bodiford.

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