H.Kyllönen – ciproxin ep

H.Kyllönen – ciproxin ep
[ep/lp release #7]


“ciproxin ep”

The album starts with “qap19”. A very powerful track which instantly introduces Kyllönen’s style to the listener. Fast complex beats and high tuned distorted bleeps with clipping treble make your ears bleed. Sweet and relaxing pads and the harsh beats together as contradictions build up a very efficient tune. I love this one.

“Iteca liqer” is a very hard distorted track with tricky beats and distorted speech samples. Not much melodies here except the distorted sweeping bass and almost random like bleeps. There’s nothing radically new in this I think but a great track for hunger of fast and hard beats. Reminds me of AFX’s older works (the harder ones).

The third track “waterworks” is smooth ambient and fits in just perfect after two harder tunes. The filtered watery rhythm effects and effected child-like vocal samples run along with the minimal strings just nicely. To me this certainly isn’t the best track on the ep (well, this is one of Kyllö”nen’s older tunes).

“Qap19” and this fourth track “Threethree” are my favorites on this ep. I just love those pads on “threethree” – the pad sample itself is a very nice humming sample and the melody is really really nice (the best I’ve heard for a while). The comp again is very fast in Kyllö”nen’s style. The track is just too short – if you asked me it could go on for over twice it’s present duration. I was really positively surprised when this one came 6th at assembly music compo. I really love this one.

“Celedo” is something that I had heard long before the rest of the tunes. The melody played with strings, female voices and an ethnic like instruments got to me then and I still think it’s very catchy. Again in this track is a fast beat played with many kinds of percussion and other effects.

The ending track “lost” is FSOL like ambient with reversed pianos and different over reverbed sounds and other effects. Smooth strings and flutes come along playing melancholy tunes. There come different loops of samples like ring modulated rhythmic noises and a nice wind bell loop at the end of the song. This is a great chill out track that suits nicely the end of a great ep.

Although this album would do very nice without some of the older tracks like “iteca liqer” and “waterworks” there are some pearls here too such as “qap19”, “threethree” and “lost”.



Release Date: 1999/08/30