Sabi – Four Thousand Years EP

Sabi – Four Thousand Years EP


“Four Thousand Years EP”

With summer slowly sliding into autumn, we figured a little contemplative ambience was in order, and Japanese artist Sabi, who released on Mono a _long_ time back with .MODs under the name of Taro, and has since done excellent work for net.labels like Inpuj.

On this EP, beautiful, puretoned sinewaves mix with sampled ambience from real-life, as “Yello Sand Back” gives us the subtlest drifts of sound ever, “Johdo” iterates in the smallest of ethereal beats, and “Uki 3 2” has what sounds like Japanese street scenes twinned with gorgeous limbo-floating wonder.

A prime candidate for Winamp perma-repeat and curiously womb-like, we suggest you make a Freudian statement to be reckoned with, and download four thousand years of eternity, yours for the toying with, courtesy Sabi.

Release Date: 2002/09/14

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