Jacopo Buda – light experience

Jacopo Buda – light experience
[ACP 1356]

Jacopo Buda

“light experience”

Composed, recorded and mixed by Jacopo Buda between October and December 2021.
Jacopo Buda: modular synth, efx, voice.
Mastered by M.qr at RagnoStudio, Italy.

photos by Jacopo Buda
design by EMERGE

The album is a journey to the discovery of light through the exclusive use of modular synth and effects – this time the trumpet is absent.

I am personally fond of this work, its realization has only been possible through a deep meditative process that manifested itself during the effects manipulation game. This is where the silence appeases the mind that instinctively connects and roams to the listening of the present moment.

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