Scuare x sow – Slippery People

Scuare x sow – Slippery People
[Slippery People]

Scuare x sow

“Slippery People”

“How can you pretend that you’re free when you’re so tied to yourself?”

“Slippery People” is a collaborative project between Austin based rapper Scuare, and Portland based production group sow. The catchy dark synth pop melodies coupled with a beat scene aesthetic serve to emphasize the themes of the project through their contrast to the subject matter. Scuare’s past works have mostly focused on his internal monologue and the way his interactions with the world shape negative feelings about himself and inform his growth. “Slippery People” aims to focus on external his observations of societal trends and mechanisms that seem to all operate on similar principles; leaching off of empathy for personal gain.

released November 18, 2022

Beats by sow
Mixed by Scuare
Mastered by Scuare
Artwork by: QED @soundsbyqed

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