Cistem Failure – Cistem Failure

Cistem Failure – Cistem Failure

Cistem Failure

“Cistem Failure”

Content Warning for the album – in our songs we talk about sexual assault, misogyny, police abuse, animal exploitation, the prison system, and state repression as consequences of living under capitalism and patriarchy. Its important to discuss and open up space for these topics so that we can fight domination and hieriarchies, but this takes a lot of strength when we are surrounded by the reality of this brutal system and sometimes those reminders are too strong and triggering even in the things that we love. so we hope that by giving some content warnings (some songs have a bigger one than others) that everyone can make their own decisions about what to be confronted by.

After some times of playing music on the street together, and writing songs, this album and band was given life.
We feel that we life in a very absurd time, where alot of things are changing. We want to create more of a politcal presence within the punk and radical scene, and create a space for female associated people, queer and trans folk to play music, join campaigns, do direct actions and feel empowered. Patriarchy is alive and kicking, even within our radical movements and we feel that this has to be confronted.

We feel our music should be free to download for everyone, that is why our bandcamp says, name your price. But ofcourse, touring and making cds costs some money sometimes, so if you feel like supporting us in that way (if you can) then thats cool!

Released December 14, 2015

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