Downtown Deceit – Live At C L U B D E A D

Downtown Deceit – Live At C L U B D E A D

Downtown Deceit

“Live At C L U B D E A D”

FAKE jazz FAKE visuals FAKE venue FAKE live FAKE spoken word FAKE sax FAKE AI FAKE timeline FAKE cyberpunk a e s t h e t i c s HYBRID lyrics

Album includes cyberpunk ramblings and 3 visuals, including the descriptions used to teach Midjourney AI to generate them:

(Front) Heavy distortions, jazz club collapsing over the immense weight of its own free jazz orchestra’s talents, players smoking, late night, 1950s downtown music club feel, black and white film, high contrast, overexposed over cosmic radiation, elegant and doomed, instruments in hand they keep doing what they do best, cursing at the night away with out-of-tune saxophones, guitars, drums, bass, all sweaty, curved, ties loose, the audience crushed by rubble.

(Back) The night of the murder, 1950s downtown street at night, crisp photographic black and white film, overly realistic and lurid, almost tabloid-like, people running away from the gunshots, blood drops on the floor, a faceless victim, the murderer spitting on the cadaver just before walking away and a cool and cursed free jazz band playing furiously over the whole scene while smoking narcotics-laced cigarettes, intoxicated and indifferent, as if nothing in the world mattered but their own jam.

(Inlay) The city’s fast asleep, the insides of smoky club, underground, illegal dealings happening as cops turn a blind eye, spoken word being enunciated hastily over an open microphone in front of a half-asleep audience of nighthawks, pimps and tricksters and past-their-prime drugged up whores, indifferent, palpable weight of numerous broken dreams, rumor has it that no one should walk outside, or else… black and white scratched up Kodak film, 1950s feel, dimly lit, cigarette smoke envelops, heavy radiation, both outside and inside equally dangerous, the man keeps talking as no one even tries acknowledging the truth, its harbinger, jazz band lazily playing along, desecrated, defeated, lightyears into the past.

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