CIALYN – OMEGA (Soundtrack)

CIALYN – OMEGA (Soundtrack)


“OMEGA (Soundtrack)”

OMEGA is a Science Fiction film directed in 16mm by Donald Fox and produced by Alan Singer in 1970.
The film is entirely composed of special effects which gives it great visual interest.
Seized with an irresistible desire to give this film a soundtrack that could support both its narration and its typical atmosphere of the 70s, I set to work and imagined a music in “Berlin School” vein.
A version of this soundtrack synchronized to the film is available here :
this soundtrack was recorded to “illustrate” and echo the images as much as possible. So, this work takes on its full meaning when coupled with the film.

released February 12, 2023

All music by Cialyn (cc) A.Pachins 2023. recorded during the year 2022 and early 2023. Artwork from screenshots of OMEGA (public domain)

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