Taped Rugs Productions – Persiflage Among Vacuum Cleaners

Taped Rugs Productions – Persiflage Among Vacuum Cleaners

Taped Rugs Productions

“Persiflage Among Vacuum Cleaners”

“Persiflage Among Vacuum Cleaners” is a collection of Taped Rugs recordings which were created and/or published through the collaborative efforts of various artists and producers from 2020 to 2023.


1) “Umber None,” “Burnt Meow,” and “Herb Met Rune” were all created by Charles Rice Goff III as potential mixing fodder for the project: “Pen Pals 5: Flea Market” by Don Campau. Pen Pals 5 is a collaboration between Campau and several musicians, who each provided Campau with recordings to which he added lyrics, vocals, and/or instrumental embellishments. “Burnt Meow” features baby sounds by A-Lex Butler. Pen Pals 5, released in July, 2022, can be accessed at the link below:


2) “Similac” was composed by Charles Rice Goff III for the compilation album: “Deconstructing Reality Volume 2,” produced by Chris Phinney’s Harsh Reality Music. The album, released in August, 2022, can be accessed at the link below:


3) “From From From” is a collaborative effort between Charles Rice Goff III and Gen Ken Montgomery. The raw sonic materials for this recording were captured via an open-air digital camera on December 20, 2022 at the Taped Rugs studio in Kansas City, Kansas. Goff remixed the piece presented here on January 7, 2023, and it makes its first public appearance in this collection.

4) The version of “Inner Transmission” presented here is a previously unreleased out take from the album: “Salvator Salvandus” by Radio End. Ed End and Charles Rice Goff III released versions of the album in August, 2021, via both the Necrophile Hummingbird and Taped Rugs Productions recording labels. In addition to the version of this piece that appears on those albums, End created a variant version for a video. The version of Inner Transmission presented here was a potential alternative to End’s video mix, created by Goff. Listeners will note that each version includes different bits of a recording of a large, hand-cranked wheel, which is prominently featured in End’s video.

Original Taped Rugs Album:

Ed End Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9HRBGNfLpQ

5) Charles Rice Goff III recorded “The Microsoft Updates Blood Ritual” for the 2022 Aural Films “Horror Films” compilation album. This collection consists of over seventeen hours of original recordings by 71 different artists, and was released in October, 2022. The compilation was the fourth release in Aural Films “Horror Films” series, begun in 2017. It can be accessed at the link below:


6) C. Goff III created “With Which You Were Not Born With” for the album: “Electronic Cottage Compilation 7, Forgotten Memories Of A Harsh Future, a tribute to the Harsh Reality Music label.” This collection was curated by Harsh Reality’s Chris Phinney and released by Hal McGee’s Electronic Cottage label in July, 2020. The track itself was credited to Goff’s nom de plume: Swami Loopynanda. It can be accessed at the link below:


7) “Duzah Pamih Vapah” was created for the Aural Films compilation album: “Fourth World Is”, described as “a tribute and continuation of the late Jon Hassell’s vision.” The piece was produced by Charles Rice Goff III and includes percussion bits by Michael LaGrega. It was credited to Taped Rugs Productions. Fourth World Is, released in August, 2021, can be accessed at the link below:


8) “Action Alexander” is the soundtrack for the video, “Action Alexander,” produced by C. Goff III in December, 2021. All the sounds in this piece were created by playing recorded bits of the voice of A-Lex Butler through a Yamaha VSS-30 sampling keyboard. The “Action Alexander” video has to date not been released to the public. The soundtrack makes its first public appearance in this collection.

9) “Fluorescence Dynamics” was produced for the Aural Films compilation album: “Mars Perseverance,” released to commemorate the Mars Perseverance rover landing in February, 2021. The piece was edited together by Charles Rice Goff III from recordings made by Goff and Michael LaGrega, and is credited to: C. Goff III & Michael LaGrega. It can be accessed at the link below:


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