Teknojta – Luontotietoisuus

Teknojta – Luontotietoisuus



Luontotietoisuus (=nature consciousness) is Teknojta’s new EP, which continues his efforts in fusing underground hardcore techno with folk music of ritualistic nature introducing more vocals and acoustic instruments in the mix.

The tracks were made in collaboration with 4 different vocalists:
* Susi Kankare, singing a Karelian-style itkuvirsi, or lament, for the nature
* Taskumatti, a rapper from the Tampere underground known for his deep lyrics
* Ari Aurelia, a tribal etherial songstress from Scotland channeling ritual music with primal & nordic roots
* Samu Kuusisto, a throat singer combining the kargyraa style with Finnish spells

Released by Ydinväki:

Acoustic instruments:
kantele – Teknojta (1), Stak Etop (4)
mouth harp/khomus – Stak Etop (1), Teknojta (2)
tongue drum – Teknojta (1)
rain stick – Teknojta (3

Cover art by: Elina Fiona Art

Mastered by: Miika Salo

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