entropija – genealogija B: 2016-2018

entropija – genealogija B: 2016-2018


“genealogija B: 2016-2018”

Continuing on from “genealogija A”, this is the second instalment of a retrospective collection. Including sounds from even before the start of entropija project, the album timeline spans almost 2 years, between August 2016 and June 2018. In contrast to previous album‘s colorful dynamics, this is a document of a more abstract side of entropija‘s performative spectrum. Clusters and bits of sound engage in complex interactions, trying to morph into a cohesive body, but the form seems to escape each time just before solidifying. Hints of order or harmony are quickly overwhelmed, and by the end, completely buried under layers of intersecting accidents. If there was a genre label suitable for this record, “liquid noise” would probably be it.
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