Miquel Parera & Gonzorobot – The Dreams of the Beetle that eats Cactus.

Miquel Parera & Gonzorobot – The Dreams of the Beetle that eats Cactus.

Miquel Parera & Gonzorobot

“The Dreams of the Beetle that eats Cactus.”

Nature’s Cachitos Album

Title: The Dreams of the Beetle that eats Cactus.
Date: 06-2023
Composers: Gonzorobot & Miquel Parera.
ID: NC-Beetle.

The music is programmed with semi-random algorithms
that the uPIGr-CM editor transforms into a musical
notation language so that it can be translated into
MIDI, audio and musical score.

The programmer (Miquel Parera) represents humanity
and the interpretation system (Gonzorobot)
represents the algorithm.

The result of the collaboration between the two is

Youtube: www.youtube.com/@naturescachitos9685/videos

Track 1: Dream 1 – I was drinking coffee in a well.
ID: NC-Beetle-1-y2023m6d18h21m47s32
Time: 04:26

Track 2: Dream 2 – The cicadas speak to me in 25 languages.
ID: NC-Beetle-2-y2023m6d18h22m14s40
Time: 05:45

Track 3: Dream 3 – We have recovered the sacred book of the beetles.
ID: NC-Beetle-3-y2023m6d19h21m27s4
Time: 01:29

Track 4: Dream 4 – Apples are as good as human pies.
ID: NC-Beetle-4-y2023m6d21h13m27s41
Time: 03:28

Track 5: Dream 5 – When I came out of the hole, it was raining wine.
ID: NC-Beetle-4-y2023m6d21h19m20s42
Time: 00:44

Track 6: Dream 6 – All my friends are purple.
ID: NC-Beetle-3-y2023m6d22h9m20s38
Time: 01:41

Track 7: Dream 7 – I’m being chased by a human with a camera.
ID: NC-Beetle-2-y2023m6d22h9m31s34
Time: 01:34

Track 8: Dream 8 – There are beetles on the Moon.
ID: NC-Beetle-1-y2023m6d23h11m59s42
Time: 03:15


uPIGr_i : Sampled piano + vibraphone
Programmed on uPIGr CM editor.


If you are two friends who play the piano and the vibraphone and you are skilled enough to read a score written by a two year old artificial intelligence and a talentless human here it is:


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License: CC-BY 4.0

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