Charles Rice Goff III – Soundtracks

Charles Rice Goff III – Soundtracks

Charles Rice Goff III



by Charles Rice Goff III

1 Psych Pshow (2012)
2 Jollification & Memorialization (2011)
3 March Of The Lady Beetles (2008)
4 Assembly Required (2011)
5 Blooming McBuds In Natural Light (2012)
6 Climbit’s Wonders In Adventureland (2020)
7 East Kansas Lightning (2007)
8 Exchanging Consciousnesses (2011)
9 Fingering Canned Krab (2013)
10 Unnatural Selections (2008)
11 Rail To Rail (2012)


This archive is a collection of soundtracks from videos which I produced during the first decades of the 21st Century. Taped Rugs has never previously released any of these recordings in audio-only format (*). Given the right person in the right frame of mind, each of these recordings should be able to inspire mental imagery comparable or superior to the videos for which they were produced. I intentionally did not include internet links to the specific videos which accompany the recordings in this compilation. However, anyone interested in seeking out those videos can find them by carefully searching through the collection at the link below:

This archive was compiled in response to a request for Taped Rugs Productions to participate in “Netlabel Day,” July 14, 2023. Please visit the link below for more information about Netlabel Day:

Charles Goff III, June, 2023

* NOTE: “Exchanging Consciousnesses” appeared in audio-only format on “Glasklinge Sampler 04,” released by Eisenlager/midnightradio in 2013.

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