Yadak – Cells for Replication

Yadak – Cells for Replication


“Cells for Replication”

The album “Cells for Replication” by Yadak immediately captures attention, generating a deep emotional connection from the body, primitive and animalistic. Its sound envelops and invites the listener to immerse themselves in an existence that flows in waves, awakening profound states that are increasingly restless and connecting with internal places that express themselves in intimacy. I can’t separate it from the image; it moves, transitions, evolves, it carries you… As I listen, oscillating landscapes slowly unfold, swaying between stillness and darkness, then gliding towards crystalline lights and fluid pulses. Yadak‘s sonic gestures manifest in imaginary landscapes, full of texture and color. I feel as if I’m traveling through time, traversing vibrant and diverse atmospheres that are almost palpable. At certain moments, the music emerges with a hypnotic intensity, shifting tones and providing sharpness and timbral brilliance even in the darkest segments. That contrasting luminosity of textures resembles a glow that sparkles in a deep blue twilight. The chiaroscuro is ever-present, carried by mechanical impulses that convey a sense of different spatial planes, with a manifest intention to take us on the journey to the end.

“Cells for Replication” obeys nothing more than its own emotion, and it drags you through time with determination. The music permeates attention, generating an immersive sensory experience, playing with images of our era, human beings, life, and artificial intelligence. It’s impossible not to feel the territorial vastness it proposes, situating the physical sensation in this subtle yet robust imaginary landscape. The rhythms carry you forward, anchoring a precise point of contemplative stillness while awakening memory. As I approach the end of the album, an image appears in which the sea is close. In my mind, I can almost imagine what it would be like to immerse myself in it. I breathe deeply and ponder the question: how can one not be carried away?

Valentina Maza
(Santiago, Chile. Agosto / August 2023)

This mixture of climates with apparent sequences is very well coordinated, there is a profound sense of melancholy with sparks of light, as if to say that you can still float and see positive things in a dark ocean.

Luis Marte
(Buenos Aires, Argentina. Septiembre / September 2020)

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