Origami Repetika – That Ain’t A Tickle

Origami Repetika  – That Ain’t A Tickle

Origami Repetika

“That Ain’t A Tickle “

‘baby we can go down to the love ship and still hold our own’
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Radj – Genseq

Radj – Genseq



Tracks list:
Vibe Rate
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C. Reider – … a trustable cloud

C. Reider – … a trustable cloud

C. Reider

“… a trustable cloud”

Every single sound on my new album was made with online instruments that you play in internet browsers.

There’s a tape for 10 bucks and a download you can have for free.

The download comes with a list of links to all the websites I used to make the sounds.

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Good Over Evil Productions – Keep The Fire Burning

Good Over Evil Productions – Keep The Fire Burning

Good Over Evil Productions

“Keep The Fire Burning”

Good Over Evil Productions is a roots reggae project founded in Spain by the producers Jah Ivan and Dani Roots, the singer Sista Livity and Furi the manager. They come with a clear mission: to spread the Rastafari message by means of their music and their positive vibrations. Strictly Roots and Culture. Word, Sound and Power. Jah music to the people.

They have been releasing their work in different formats since 2008 on their own label (CD, Vinyl, Digital releases, etc.) alongside artists like Sista Livity, Anayah Roots Levi, Robel The Earthiopian (Reuben Addis), Ras Elijah Tafari, Raszor Brankata, Pato Ranking, Sista Moni and more.

It is a blessing that their new tune Keep the Fire Burning is being released on our label. You can feel the Good Over Evil’s essence in a pure dub style. It is a militant tune, with a mystic atmosphere and remembrance of the mighty ancients sounds worldwide, that inspires a spiritual meditation for a deep connection with our inner self and with the most high God, almighty, creator of all life, Jah Rastafari. God live on the hearts of all flesh. Good Over Evil! Life Over Death!

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bluedoom – Singles 2019, vol. 1

bluedoom – Singles 2019, vol. 1

Niteffect – The Wage Of Foregetting

Niteffect – The Wage Of Foregetting

Polychrome (LP) – Auditive Escape

Polychrome (LP) – Auditive Escape

Polychrome (LP)

“Auditive Escape”

Tracks list:Un Plongeon Celeste
A Day
Cyclic Hymns
Fluvial Aspen
Cold Thought
Des Voiles Ment
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aitänna77 – Ngeo Vol.1


“Ngeo Vol.1”

17 instrumental hip-hop tracks produced by aitänna77. [October 2018 / January 2019]
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Sami Konzo – Kitchen


Sami Konzo


Old, but not dead yet.
The ocean of Air is still our vast home.
Take a deep breath, soon.Happy New Yeahh, dear citizen of Earth, stellar inhabitants and lifeforms in alternate dimensions. Our new ambassador of peace, relaxation and serious joy, Sami Konzo, brings you three marvelous tunes directly from Skt. Petersburg to your ears. Please enjoy the tracks as much as we did & do.
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karambol bolno – b0ln0


karambol bolno


This is an ep that has been sent to one of my old email-addresses in 2012 but unfortunately, it got, like so many other submissions, lost between all the spam. I just discovered the submission at the end of last December. After the 20kbps sweet compilation came out, I once more searched through all the spam and finally found this gem. It’s like a message from a parallel universe where the clone of me managed to deal with the spam.

Pablo Javier Piacente – Profundidad Del Tiemp


Pablo Javier Piacente

“Profundidad Del Tiemp”

Pablo Javier Piacente is finally back with us after a hiatus of eight years with a lobit rendering of his current downtempo album Profundidad del tiempo.
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Noi2er – Tears




Tracks list:

Time Dilation
Say Anything (Part I)
Say Anything (Part II)
I Am Nowhere
Dream Flashbacks
The End

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fascinating earthbound objects – simultaneous eon


fascinating earthbound objects

“simultaneous eon”

Everything happens at once.
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Leon – Philosophy (EP)



“Philosophy (EP)”

Tracks list:

How Can I Cope With What I Know?
Fruit Tea
My Friend Went To The South And Came Back With A Beard

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What are two years? Not much time, a lot of time. It is time. 730 days. 17520 hours. It’s more than the run time of a video game, it could be the entirety of a lifetime.

In this last month of August, NOUNOUHAU celebrated its two year anniversary. For us it is little time and so much time – at the same time. And in that time, time time time time.

We did a lot in two years and its hard to explicit it all in one text. It was a journey, it still is, always mutating and constantly evolving – with one foot at creation and the other at self-discovery, in a public fashion – work in progress style.

Now, two years is a numeric value, so let’s celebrate our numbers. All of our 23 releases present in our bandcamp, from singles to entire albums. Releases from more than 11 different artists. All of them with their work on our youtube, which has over 60 videos – ranging from video clips, lyrics, what-have-you. And how to forget our events? Three distinct events that—

Wait? Who cares about numbers? Or… does everybody cares about numbers?

Various Artists – Petijee presents Beat Garden Compilation 7

Various Artists

“Petijee presents Beat Garden Compilation 7”

Slovak producer and DJ Petijee hit us hard with his 2017 Soul Paper Scissors album. From that day his soulful mood sound was something what kept resonating in us and ultimately made him our top choice for the next Beat Garden compilation. We were lucky enough to talk him in to it and we are happy to present the result.

The Dubwegians – South of the river Clyde


The Dubwegians

“South of the river Clyde”

The Dubwegians where founded in the UK back in 2010, when Gary had the idea of starting a dub band. He, therefore, approached his old school friend Richy, whose guitar skills were always thought highly of. He just wanted to play bass in the band and not do any producing.

The band that Gary dreamed, never really managed to pull off. It kind of fizzled out after a while as people came and went, up for a jam and a smoke, but not up for putting in the hours of practice a band needs.

Gary and Richy decided to work as a duo, laying down some reworks of their favourite dub tracks. Having spent most of their life growing up in the south side of Glasgow, the River Clyde has been a great inspiration for them. This is how South of the River Clyde came about. The reference of course to the great Augustus Pablo is more than obvious.

Gary remembers: “We tried to capture the energy of a live band. In the absence of a drummer, it was a struggle for us to use a software, trying to capture the original warmth of analogue dub. It was a real learning experience; listening and trying to emulate these dub masterpieces. We have never done dub producing before and were slowly realizing some of the techniques used.”

South of the river Clyde includes 5 instrumental tracks; dub reworks of some great roots reggae masterpieces, produced back in 2011 with love and lots of passion. Richy played melodica and keyboards (and also guitar on “Sun is shining Dub), Gary played bass and covered all other sounds and production, using a laptop to overdub and edit their takes. Give thanks to Robert McWilliams for granting us the license to use the photo of the river Clyde in the artwork.

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