Sven Phalanx – Klangreise

Sven Phalanx – Klangreise
[ACP 1381]

Sven Phalanx


cover photo & design by EMERGE
steel sculpture “In Position” by Moretto (1992)

Inspired by the healing effects of music, Sven Phalanx provides meditative deep relaxation on this release and embarks on a dream journey into his inner being together with the listener.
Singing bowls, field recordings, drones and synthesizers merge into one.
>From a spiritual point of view, the soul is made to vibrate on a sound journey. This can lead to a self-awareness through the intensive perception of the senses.

Healing sounds are intended to bring the body into a deeply relaxed state so that it can let go and reorient itself and rearrange itself.

During the application, the soul should be cleaned and freed in order to be able to recharge your batteries.

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