presque papegaai – dusty dawn

presque papegaai – dusty dawn

presque papegaai

“dusty dawn”

Two autocomplete junkies with two cyberdecks hooked up over midi and
adat, fueled by two glasses on continious refill rotation, and the
occasional psychedelic nightcap. A quiet room, with quiet clicks, plucks
and taps over muffled looped up weirdness leaking out of headphones.
Homebrewed beer, hardware and software, all very much alpha stage. Ten
hours of backlog, edited down to thirty minutes of almost music. Staged,
committed and mixed down to a beta version. Served to you over TCP/IP
for your real world enjoyment.

Bass, Kalimba, PureData: nonkel waldek
Drums, Synths: Wal Gend

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